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Counseling for Over-shopping and Over-spending

This book about Compulsive Spending is divided into four parts:

Part One highlights stories of those I've worked with who have been compulsive shoppers or spenders: a human face on this problem.

Part Two provides a guide to various reasons why people overshop or overspend and other money dysfunctions as well as important data, statistics, and the challenges and issues that arise.

Part Three includes exercises to help people stop overshopping and overspending and move toward greater peace and wholeness in recovery

Part Four focuses on related topics which did not fit as well in the other parts.

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Cluttered Lives, Empty Sould - Table of Contents and Introduction

From the preface: Are You a Shopaholic?

Consider the following:

17 Million Americans are compulsive shoppers/spenders
(Stanford University Landmark Study, 2006)

Nearly half of all compulsive shoppers/spenders are men
(Stanford Study, 2006)

Arguments over money and spending are the number one reason for couples' conflict and divorce (Psychology Today)

The average credit card debt per American citizen is nearly $10,000—mostly from unnecessary purchases (Time and Money magazines)

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Some quotes from the inside cover:

"My fear and cry for help led me to Mr. Shulman. After a year of counseling I continue to grow and become the person I wanted to be all along. He helped me understand I'm not a bad person, I just made bad decisions. He opened the doors so I could forgive myself and heal."—Suzie, Georgia

"Thanks to Terry I was able to get a handle on my life. It was not easy. I had to revisit 50 years of my life: how-when-where-why? The light finally came on. I needed to like myself, take care of myself, and love myself. Now I do and everything has changed! I used to take care of everyone else first. I still share and care but I include myself now. When leaving a store now. I can say I had a successful day and mean it."-- -S.K., Ontario, Canada

"My work with Terry has been very enlightening! He guided me on a path of self-discovery and growth and offered the support I needed. Through the 10 sessions, I learned many new skills for living with this addiction, had the chance to try them out and then got to share my experiences in my next session. I felt that together we built a solid base for my recovery and I highly recommend Mr. Shulman's counseling."—T.C., Chicago

"My willingness to change and Mr. Shulman's program have truly changed me. If I had known about this program earlier, I could have avoided so much pain, trouble and legal issues."
-A.C., New Orleans

Bought Out and $pent, Recovery from Compulsive Shopping and $pending
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Bought Out and Spent by Terrence Daryl Shulman
  The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending and Hoarding
Terrence Shulman
Founder/Director of
The Shulman Center
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